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International Conference on Cyber Security for Aerospace – 1° edition

13-14 October, Chieti & L’Aquila

Abruzzo Technological District on ICT and Aerospace and the University of L’Aquila are proud to present the first edition of the International Conference on Cyber Security for Aerospace (ICCSA) on the 13th – 14th of October in Chieti and L’Aquila (Abruzzo, Italy).

Aerospace is experiencing tremendous technological and digital changes which call for a mature and qualified approach to Cyber Security. ICCSA aims at addressing Cyber Security solutions applied to the new challenges arising from the aerospace sector by leveraging on the industrial and academic experiences and the coordination of policy makers.

The first day of the conference will be held at the Leonardo’s Global Security and Operation Center in Chieti, a center of excellence in Cyber Security where experts prevent and defend national and international strategic assets from cyber attacks everyday. The day will offer the rare opportunity to witness how a Company, among the global leaders in both the aerospace and security sectors, operates in the daily cyber activities. Tommaso Profeta, Managing Director of the Leonardo Cyber and Security Division together with Marco Marsilio, President of the Abruzzo Region, and Edoardo Alesse, Rector of L’Aquila University, will welcome guests to this unique experience. In addition, results from the research project Cyber Trainer will be showcased. Developed by Leonardo with the support of the Abruzzo Region, L’Aquila University and several local SMEs, cyber trainer consists in a high-tech platform that, through simulation, can train cyber security operators and test new products to verify the security features in response to cyber threats. In the same day Telespazio will also bring its experience as a global space service provider, offering secure and resilient services, and which owns and operate the most important teleport in the civil world based in Abruzzo (Fucino Space Center).

The second day will be hosted at Palazzo dell’Emiciclo in L’Aquila and will involve European and National organizations (ESA, ECSO, EUSPA, ENISA, EASA, IATA, ASI, CNIT, CINI, CNR) offering a new perspective to the subject, as policy-makers and researchers.  ICCSA will also provide an overview of the research trends in the Aerospace and Cyber Security field. The opening remarks of the second day will be led by Roberto Baldoni, General Director of the newly established Italian National Cybersecurity Agency.

The conference of 13th and 14th October can be attended remotely here: