ICCSA – 2nd International Conference on Cyber Security for Aerospace

Technology trends have been challenged by recent societal and economic critical events such as the pandemic and rapid evolution of the geopolitical landscape. Aerospace represents a crucial sector that is strongly impacted by such socio-economic changes, especially with the unprecedented raise of centrality of cyber security. The 2nd International Conference on Cyber Security for Aerospace aims at addressing how technologies in the field are evolving in order to provide rapid response to critical events and how to implement novel crisis management processes able to cope with such challenging events.

ICCSA is organized by GRADEX Abruzzo Technological District of ICT and Aerospace and University of L’Aquila. The conference will involve relevant industries operating on Aerospace (e.g., Telespazio, Leonardo, etc.) and Cybersecurity (e.g. Leonardo, Splunk, Reiss Romoli) together with International and National organizations (ESA, ECSO, EUSPA, ENISA, EASA, IATA, ASI, CNIT, CINI). ICCSA will also provide an overview of the research trends in the areas of Aerospace and Cyber Security. The conference will be held in Fucino Space Center on 12th and L’Aquila on 13th October, 2022.