ICSSA- International Conference on Cyber Security for Aerospace

The International Conference on Cyber Security for Aerospace (ICCSA) is organized by the Abruzzo Technological District of ICT and Aerospace and University of L’Aquila. The aim of ICCSA is to effectively cover the almost green field of Cyber Security in Aerospace by leveraging on industrial and academic experiences addressed by coordinating organizations and policy-makers. ICCSA will involve relevant industries operating on Aerospace (e.g. Leonardo, Telespazio etc.) and Cybersecurity (e.g. Leonardo, Splunk, Reiss Romoli, Aruba Enterprise) together with European and National organizations (ESA, ECSO, EUSPA, ENISA, EASA, IATA, ASI, CNIT, CINI). ICCSA will also provide an overview of the research trends in this specific area.
The conference will be held at Chieti on 13th and L’Aquila on 14th October, 2021, also with the aim of breaking the forced segregation experienced worldwide and try to restart sharing the same physical space, but it can also be attended remotely. Speakers too will be allowed to give their contributions remotely, if requested.

The conference of 13th and 14th October can be attended remotely here: